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Is it Necessary to Extract a Tooth?

Oct 2

Not every instance of gum disease or tooth decay necessitates tooth extraction. In truth, many dental problems can handle many dental issues with less invasive procedures like fillings, crowns, or root canals. But there are some circumstances in which tooth extraction is essential.


Overcrowding is the most frequent cause of tooth extraction. Your teeth may crowd together and affect your bite if you have more teeth than your jaw can accommodate. In this situation, your dentist might advise removing one or more teeth to make place for the remainder of your teeth.


Infection is another principal reason for tooth extraction. If a tooth is severely decayed or has an abscess, it may need to be pulled to prevent the infection from spreading. Additionally, your dentist could advise tooth extraction if you have periodontal disease to lessen the bacteria in your mouth and enhance your dental health.


Lastly, if you are getting ready for orthodontic treatment, you may also require tooth extraction. In order to make room for braces or other orthodontic appliances, your dentist may need to pull one or more teeth.


If you're thinking about getting a tooth pulled, see your dentist to see if that's the best course of action in your particular circumstance. Tooth extraction should only be done when necessary to preserve oral health.


The advantages of tooth extraction

Our main objective is to protect your original teeth and dental tissue. However, the most effective way to treat dental disorders is occasionally tooth extraction. Following a tooth extraction treatment at our office, you should anticipate:


A Cheerful, Attractive Smirk

Damage and advanced degradation frequently call for extraction. You'll need to restore the tooth when the damaged tooth is taken out.



Wisdom teeth removal is frequently done to avoid crowding, infection, and other problems. In addition, the extraction of a severely decaying tooth can help stop the condition of nearby teeth.



Tooth extractions are commonly necessary due to painful conditions. A tooth extraction might offer relief right away.

Personalized Care

For your comfort, a local anesthetic is available. Additionally, sedation is an option for those who have dental phobia.


Being Eligible For Orthodontics

We may advise pulling one or more teeth to provide space for nearby teeth if your teeth are overcrowded.


Different Methods of Tooth Extraction

Whether a tooth fully erupts, is partially impacted, or either could affect the type of extraction technique. Our Burlington dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth. Dental x-rays are frequently included in the examination to see how the root and surrounding area beneath the gums are doing.


A broken tooth could cause more problems if not removed, like an infection of the teeth next to it. Similar to an impacted tooth, healthy teeth may continue to experience pain and issues as a result. The most typical kinds of extractions consist of:


Simple Tooth Removal: The simple extraction of teeth is a routine dental treatment. Even though many dentists can do straightforward extractions, working with an expert is crucial. For precise extractions, the tooth must be accessible and capable of being gripped by dental forceps. Compared to surgical extractions, simple extractions are less intrusive.


Dental Surgery Extraction: If a tooth is impacted or otherwise difficult to remove, it may require surgery to remove it. A tooth that never breaks through the gums is said to be affected. In addition, it's possible that bone needs to be removed to access a problematic tooth.


Wisdom Tooth Removal: The four permanent teeth in the back corner of your mouth are wisdom teeth or third molars. A patient may have less than four wisdom teeth, which is not unusual. Without a doubt, wisdom teeth need space to develop. If not, it's possible that the patient has impacted wisdom teeth.


We may need to cut a tooth into several pieces before extracting it. Wisdom teeth frequently call for this. Additionally, removing wisdom teeth lessens the risk of infection. May consult Monahan Family and Cosmetic Dentistry to extract some wisdom teeth. Get in touch with us for further details!